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“As Will, Luke Humphrey is a charming leading man. He exudes a youthful charisma, whilst also portraying the true passion that Will has both for his work, and for Viola.”

Luke Humphrey triumphs as that walking underwear ad named Spike.”                                                   -Toronto Star

“…the excellent leading man Humphrey – tremendously charming as a young actor-turned-playwright”
-Globe and Mail

“Luke Humphrey is perfectly cast as the dashing male ingenue, D’Artagnan”
-The American Conservative

“Throughout, however, shaggy-haired Humphrey has wonderful enthusiasm and energy as D’Artagnan – he has exactly the charm and stage presence a play like this needs to stay lively, not to mention delightful chemistry with his love interest, played by a buoyant Bethany Jillard.”
-Globe and mail

“Humphrey manages a remarkable balancing act, given the different directions his character is pulled. The actor has impeccable comic timing, often playing the uneasy straight man to a legion of buffoons hoping for roles in his next play, but is just as compelling as the romantic lead.”                                                                                                  –Stratford Beacon Herald

Performances couldn’t be better, with Luke Humphrey as hunky Will Shakespeare and Shannon Taylor a lithe Viola de Lesseps. These star turns are surrounded by a company of cut-ups, rogues and adventurers that find all the play’s comedy and romance.”
-The Hamilton Spectator

Luke Humphrey Triumphs in the title role bringing his own brand of nervousness, hesitancy, confusion and frustration to the role or Benjamin Braddock… along with some Dustin Hoffman elements to make the performance quite complete”
-Montreal Times

“As Murph, Luke Humphrey rises to the occasion. This young actor is both an innocent and cocky; careless and concerned. He is so in the moment that he is compelling. Murphy has been floating casually through life but when he comes under the influence of his hugely accomplished mother, the weight of his inadequacy is obvious in Humphrey’s beautifully modulated performance”




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